Sunday, March 15, 2015

Are You A Faithist?

If someone were to ask you to describe what the Creator looks like, how would you describe Him?

If you said He looked like a man on a throne or an old man with a white beard or some other description that described any figure 'in the shape of a man' (or woman), you are 'not' a Faithist.

On the other hand, if you described the Creator as a 'Spiritual Being' that a person 'cannot see' with their eyes, then you 'are a Faithist' regardless of what religion you embrace now.

There are many different religions in the world today and there have been hundreds of them down through the centuries and every one of them have proclaimed that their god is the only true Creator.  Obviously, they are all lying except ONE of them.

Which one is telling the truth?

The vast majority of all people will embrace the religion they were raised in, but that does not prove that the real Creator is THEIR God.  As infants we are born totally ignorant, helpless and completely dependent on the adults raising us to adulthood.  That is the reason why very few people have the ability to overcome what they were taught as little children.

Back in the 1800's, from 1848 until about 1900, spiritualism was very popular in America. It all started on the night of March 31, 1848 in Hydesville, New York when some young girls, of the Fox family, decided to try to communicate with a spirit that had been haunting their house. By a series of knocks, back and forth between the girls and the spirit, it told them he had been murdered in that house and his bones could be found buried in the basement. Sure enough, they dug up the floor and there they were.

Well, that stated a frenzy of interest in "spirits of the dead" which continued all over America for the next 50 years. A certain John Ballou Newbrough became fascinated in the phenomenon and delved into seances of his own. Newbrough found out that he was a medium himself, in the sense that spirits could control his arms and hands and when they did that, he had no control of his arms at all.

After many years of his involvement in spiritualism, he was awakened in the middle of the night with a bright light in his bedroom. Startled, he saw angels at the foot of his bed. They asked him if he would do something for the Creator of the Universe, Jehovih. He asked them what did they want him to do? They told him to live a spiritual life for ten years. He asked them how to do that? They told him to stop eating the flesh of dead animals, dairy foods and do charity work and to never send a bill to his patients. Dr. Newbrough was a dentist.

After the angels told him that, they just left. Dr. Newbrough did as they asked him to do and at the end of those ten years, the angels came to his bedroom again. They told him to buy a typewriter, which had just been invented, and to sit at that typewriter every morning before sunrise. Dr. Newbrough, who did not even know how to type, did as he was told and a yellow light shown down 'through the ceiling' on his hands and started typing a manuscript.

After doing this for one year, the angels told him to published it and call it OAHSPE which means SKY-EARTH-SPIRIT. Dr. Newbrough said that one time he got up from the typewriter, as the light shown down on his hands, and as he held his hands out a window, he could see that yellow light going up in the sky, as far as he could see.

 Oahspe is a book that was written by God Himself and is a history book going back over 74,000 years. It tells all about some lords, who rebelled against Jehovih, that are called man-gods and false gods.  They used terrorism against humans in order to enslave their minds when they threatened to throw anybody in hell who did not fall down and worship them.

Hells are created by false gods so that they can throw their enemies in there but nobody is burned.  They are thrown into a large area, surrounded by walls of flaming fire, so that those spirits cannot escape and then poisonous gases are thrown in there to torment those spirits.

The Great Flood in the Christian/Jewish Bible is plain wrong about Noahs' Ark.  That is a silly story that never happened.

What really happened was this:

Many thousands of years ago, there was a very large continent in the Pacific Ocean area named Pan.  All those Islands in the Pacific Ocean are the tops of mountains and Japan was a part of Pan also, hence the name.

The people on that continent were very sick and evil. Jehovih decided to sink the whole continent beneath the ocean and only save those who served him.  So he told the good people on that continent to build large rafts, store all manner of provisions on them and get ready for the continent to be sunk beneath the waters.

A God named Aph, in the Arc of Noe, was the one in charge of this operation.  Aph is one of Jehovihs' Gods, not a false god like Looeamong alias Christ.  As the earth and our solar system, traverses through space, in an orbit of our galaxy, it goes through arcs of 3000 years each.  As the story was passed down through the centuries, the story of 'Noah and his Ark' evolved. When the continent was sunk, the rafts floated away and Jehovih sent winds to blow these rafts to several different continents.  The people who died in that flood, had their spirits rescued by millions of Jehovihs' angels and taken to a heavenly plateau for healing.

As I said, Oahspe was written by God, not Jehovih.  Jehovih does not write books.  Jehovih creates worlds without end. People live on other planets the same as we do here on earth and some aliens have been visiting earth for thousands of years. There are aliens living on earth at the present time. Most of them are trying to keep us from blowing up this planet with our atomic weapons.  If we do that, it will have a very serious impact on every other planet in our galaxy.  They consider us very stupid to "fall down" and worship such evil gods and have such evil religions.

They have knowledge that is so far advanced from us, we are like morons to them.  They would gladly give us the technology to travel anywhere in the universe we wanted to go to, but our leaders would just use that knowledge to kill more people in some damn war.

The God we have over earth now will hold that position for 3000 years and then another God will be in that position for the next 3000 years and so on.  These Gods, hundreds of years ago, were once humans on some planet in the Universe.  So, some day, far in the future, you will also have a job over some planet in the Universe that hasn't even been created yet.

If you want to read Oahspe you can probably find one online or you can read and/or download it from several sources.  I have been reading Oahspe for 50 years.  I have read what other people have said about Oahspe on and my advice to anyone is this:

Do not listen to anybody when it come to Oahspe.  Get a copy or download it or just read it online yourself...FIRST, then if you want to get someone elses' opinion, you have a solid position to stand on.

There is this website  that I am not familiar with, so I don't have an opinion on it.  On the surface it looks like this website is making a scientific evaluation of Oahspe, which is the right way to do it.

There are also Oahspe channels on
that you can check out, which I will leave up to you, to decide the value of.

One of the enemies of Oahspe is:  which will totally confuse you if you read this material. 

After reading about Oahspe and you would like to help build an organization based on this information, contact me when the [contact information] is later added to this website.  We are in the preliminary process right now. 

This organization will start out in organic farming and gardening and will then branch out into a Training Center, teaching all manner of subjects, that is desired by the public.

A person like myself, can buy land and develop same with buildings and all manner facilities for something like this, BUT it is nothing unless the [right people] want to make a success of it.

Thanks for visiting this website and post a comment if you want to, but I am way too busy to reply to comments here.  That opens up discussions which can go on for a long time.  Even though the comments have been small, the response has been massive.  I am working on three books, and I will list them here, when they are published or, soon to be, published.

Regards: D.R. Ballard
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